Tuesday 22 November 2005

White Stuff Falling from the Sky

So it would seem that winters in Germany are in fact quite cold - more so than I am used to. In Melbourne I always considered myself quite resistant to cold - I guess I am about to find out just how resistant. Meanwhile I understand Melbourne is of course quite warm, and all my friends and family are doubtless having a wonderful time. Oh well, I guess I've made my bed...

I have begun preparing for the coming apocalyptic ice-age by purchasing a thick jacket for myself. It is quite large - this is so that I can wear it over my jumper and my existing jackets, in case that should prove necessary.

The photo shows a BMW as it was in the morning as I walked to work. Now, to my eyes this is quite unbelievable - who would buy a BMW and then leave it outside overnight for it to get snowed on? I suppose it indicates that beamers and mercs are just your standard cars in these parts.

In other news, my parents responded to my pleas for help and mailed me an EU-Australian power adapter - so now I am finally able to recharge my phone! This would be great, if only I had some kind of phone plan. To get that, however, I need to have my banking set up.

Which leads on to the next problem. My parents inform me that in my absence my Australian bank has been trying to contact me. It seems that some suspicious activity has been detected on my account. Now I don't mind betting that a sudden series of transactions originating in Franconia has attracted the vigilant gaze of the bank, but unfortunately it is somewhat hard to explain to them that it is I who is withdrawing this money from Germany, due to the not entirely coincidental fact that I am in Germany. However, hopefully this can all be straightened out. In the meantime, however, I fear to access my money, in case they decide to freeze my accounts.

Some more photos of the town are here.

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