Saturday 4 February 2006

New Host for Blog

You may have noticed a slightly new look for the site. This is because I have moved my blog to a commercial host. This blog is now run by Blogware, blogging software which so far seems pretty good, and hosted by Blogzerk.

Why did I do this? Primarily because there were bugs in my old setup (which was hosted by my old housemate Cameron). While I could probably have fixed them, basically I just couldn't be bothered. This is all part of my new philosophy, which says that I should do as little work as possible, and get web startups to do it all for me, and then hope that they don't go under and take all my content with them.

So here we are, on a new server and on new software. Hopefully this will work better than the old one. Certainly the server is faster, so you should be slightly less frustrated viewing the page, although of course the real frustration is in the quality of the page rather than its loading time.

I have also moved my photos to Flickr, which should result in their being faster to load as well. It also has a much cooler interface for browsing and uploading - hopefully from now on I will be able to post a lot more photos.

The bugs in the old blog, which meant that, whenever anyone posted a comment, it ended up on the main page, rather than on the article it was commenting on, should not happen here.

The downside of course is that the permanent URLs of the articles have changed, and likely the feed URLs. However, I imagine that this will prove not to be a problem at all, since no-one actually reads anything on this site...

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