Monday 20 June 2005

First Day at New Job

Yes it's true - not only have I mustered the enthusiasm to apply for work, but I have also received it. That's what I call beating the odds. I started work yesterday, which was a Friday. This was good, since it meant that my first week was manageably short.

The company I have started at is called Blue Tongue Entertainment. It is a video games developer that is owned by the global publisher THQ. My previous jobs have also been in games development, so I guess I am becoming quite specialised. Hopefully that won't hurt me later on in my career.

It has been almost 18 months since I last had an office job. The day seemed to drag on quite a lot, but then I didn't really have any given task, except to familiarise myself with the games they were working on and the codebase. Hopefully once I have a particular task, I will be able to get back into the swing of things.

Commuting is quite an issue. The offices are on St Kilda Road, near High Street. Taking the train would be troublesome, as I would have to go into Richmond and then take another train or something out. It is difficult to get parking there as well. I think the best plan might be to drive to the corner of Malvern Road and High Street and then take a tram in. The trip along Waverley Road to that point seems to be not too bad from a traffic point of view.

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