Tuesday 14 June 2005

Interfacing Plone to Apache 1.3

Having a blog is great, but what's even better is if people outside of my own house are able to access it. To this end I had to interface zope to the apache 1.3 server that handles the msmith.id.au domain.

This is facilitated by the VirtualHostMonster tool in Zope. This 'gentle giant' handles the dirty work of rewriting all the urls in the site so that they point to locations relative to the root of the site. After this the actual interface in apache is simply to proxy access to the Zope server.

This proxying gave me some trouble. I got http 403 errors, and the error log showed the line:

'client denied by server configuration'

After a while I realised that it was the same problem I get every time I try to add a proxy directive to apache - the proxy destination must be specifically allowed by the httpd.conf file, using a line like this:

<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
    <Directory proxy:http://localhost:9673/>
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from all

It just goes to show that I'm too thick to learn from my mistakes - I'm doomed to repeat them endlessly.

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